Introductions, Looking for Work


My name's Stefan. I'm an aspiring story artist as I work full time. I love to draw and tell stories. I currently work at a bookstore, and my art book collection is very serious. Seriously. When I get a chance, I also like gardening, binge video games, and spinning some poetry.

I've worked on various small projects to stay afloat. I've taken commissions quite frequently. I have actually started to do vendor shows and working on content for patreon.

I've started to work on my own comics! I use to make them as a kid for my brother and sister but now I've started professionally working on some.


HARDWARE              SKILLS                 FUN FACTS

  • MacBook Pro (2021).                             Adobe Suite (Indesign, Photoshop)     I slam poems! (CUPSI 2015, CUPSI 2016) 

  • Ipad 12.9 (2020)                                      Autodesk Sketchbook                        I am a first-gen American born! My parents are from Haiti.      

  • Apple Pencil                                           Procreate                                               I play volleyball and basketball! I'm a high flier!

  • Wacom Cintiq 12wx                              Copic Markers                                       I have a rescue cat. His name is Archemedes <3